Are 90% Mortgages Disappearing? Advice for First-Time Buyers

HSBC revealed at the start of September that it will be temporarily suspending deals for new borrowers who have 10% deposits. This is due to a “significant consequence on service levels” following a large increase in enquiries from new borrowers. Admittedly, by the time you read this, they may well have reinstated their 90% mortgages…

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First Time Buyer Mortgage Options You May Not Have Considered

If you’re a first-time buyer (FTB) in the current housing market, you might be wondering how on earth you can secure a mortgage. The good news is that you can. You just need to think outside of the box. The problem you might be encountering Mortgage lenders are understandably a little nervous at the moment.…

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Common First Time Buyers Mistakes to Avoid

first time home buyers

For most people, buying a home is the single largest expense during their lifetime. It should therefore come as no surprise that it’s littered with opportunities to make mistakes – particularly if you’re new to it. If you’ve made any of the common first-time buyer mistakes we’re about to reveal, you shouldn’t feel bad. You’re…

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June 2020 Mortgage Update: It’s (almost) Business as Usual


Mortgages have, understandably, been on many people’s minds of late. The changing rules, regulations and additional support can all be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’re here. As you’d expect, we keep our ears very close to the ground when it comes to mortgage news, and it has been coming thick and fast recently! Lenders…

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Coronavirus and Your Mortgage Options – What Do You Do Now?

Help with mortgage during pandemic

These are interesting (and trying) times. With the daily changes to our everyday life and the ever-increasing pressure on our livelihoods, many are looking at their biggest debt – their mortgage – and trying to work out the best thing to do. One of the positive actions we’re seeing from the UK Government is that…

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Where are the Cheapest Houses for Sale in Bristol?

Anyone who has looked for a house to buy in Bristol will know that it’s an area known for high property prices. In January 2019, the most expensive property in Bristol sold for a huge £3,350,000 in the Clifton Down area of the city. But that was a 12-bedroom property called Tellisford House; not exactly…

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