Is it harder to get a Mortgage if I am self-employed?

Lenders have several ways of assessing self-employed applicants, from dividends and salary, to net profit before tax, it’s is our job to find the lender who best fits your scenario.

I have a poor credit history, will I get a Mortgage?

There are many lenders available who specialise in helping people who have previously defaulted on debt, or have CCJ’s for example.

How much can I borrow?

All lenders view income differently, some with take additional income such as overtime, bonus, child benefit, tax credits and even maintenance into account when assessing the amount they will lend.

New car, much needed extension, wedding, holiday even to fund your business?

Whatever you need the money for (as long as it’s legal!), there is likely to be a lender who can help.

Should I have a fixed or variable mortgage?

We will sit down with you and discuss your objectives, the pros and cons of each and make a full recommendation.

How much deposit do I need?

Potentially as little as 5% and you could become a homeowner!

How much do you charge for advice?

We offer a free initial consultation, no broker fee payable until the lender has assessed your application, valued your property and has issued your Mortgage Offer.

The typical fee for Mortgage advice is £495, but is dependent on your circumstances and the amount of time involved arranging your Mortgage and will be agreed with you at our first meeting. If we are unable to secure a Mortgage Offer, you pay no broker fee.


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